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Quantum Therapies: Bioresonance & Biofeedback

QUANTAFORM International is a centre for Quantum Therapies, based on Bioresonance and Biofeedback.

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Bioresonance and Biofeedback

Today, the Quantum Therapies (bioresonance and biofeedback), like ancestral therapies, particularly Chinese and Ayurvedic, advocate a holistic and energetic approach to the human being.

For example, they consider body and mind as inseparable and integrate physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual dimensions.

Above all, the core of these bioenergetic therapies is based on the primordial concept, demonstrated by Albert Einstein, that everything is energy.

Consequently, they work on the infinitely small, the quantum and the subatomic particles that make up all of us.

By applying the laws of quantum physics through totally innovative computer programmes and processing protocols, they envisage our being as a vast network of electromagnetic information.

However, our cells emit specific frequencies. Now, the programs of biofeedback programs are able to perceive, analyse and repair them. As a result, a sick organ no longer emits the same frequencies.

By considering the electromagnetic energy of which we are made up as the main vector of information, quantum therapies propose to restore our point of balance or health by repairing the data of our cells altered by stress or trauma.

For this purpose we distribute two quantum therapy devices: the L.I.F.E.-System and the QuantaScan Pro.

In conclusion, come and discover what quantum therapies what biofeedback & bioresonance are, through the articles on our site. You can also find the quantum therapy practitioner near you.

To understand Quantum Physics :

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  • Published by Claude-Jean LAPOSTAT
  • Activated 10 December 2020
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What is Bioresonance?
The human body is a real transmitter/receiver of electromagnetic waves. Each organ or tissue vibrates ... /..
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Insomnia, Sleep Disorders

  • Published by Claude-Jean LAPOSTAT
  • Activated 17 November 2021
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We spend almost a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is good for memory and learning, metabolism, immunity... Crucial for many biological functions.
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Sport & Health, at IRONMAN Nice 2021

  • Published by Claude-Jean LAPOSTAT
  • Activated 6 September 2021
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Amateur or professional athletes, discover how quantum therapies such as biofeedback and bioresonance can help you in your sports preparation to improve your performance and accelerate recovery. Quantaform was at Ironman Nice 2021.
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HEB II Tibetan Prayer Wheel

  • Published by Claude-Jean LAPOSTAT
  • Activated 7 July 2021
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With the help of a quantum "Tibetan Prayer Wheel" completed with your personal information, the H.E.B.II, spreads combined information: a series of energetic waves of Light, Sound, Colour, Sacred Geometries and Music, affirmations and Prayers.

QUANTAFORM International is a Quantum Therapy Centre in BIOT, FRANCE

QUANTAFORM International, Biot FRANCE.

Discover specialised contents in these fields Holistic, Energetic, Vibrational and Quantum (energy rebalancing, preventive health check-up, algorithms / conversation calculation, artificial intelligence), knowledge of the L.I.F.E. System and the QUANTASCAN, evolution from ancestral Chinese medicine to quantum medicine.